Job Description - Finance Director

Job Title:

Finance Director

Responsible to:

Chief Executive

Responsible for:

Head of Finance

Job Purpose:

As a member of the Corporate Leadership Team:

  • To ensure the financial integrity and control of FGCH, and the effective provision of financal and treasury strategies and services.
  • Responsible for the effective management of the finance and income management functions.
  • Assure that all services are delivered in accordance with legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements.

Accountable for:

  • Working as part of the Corporate Leadership Team (CLT) to ensure the effective performance, integration, overall direction, and leadership of FGCH.
  • Ensuring the financial integrity and control of FGCH, and the effective provision of financial and treasury strategies and services.
  • Ensuring the preparation of timely and accurate external returns, monthly management accounts, budgets, long term financial plans and forecasts reporting to the Board and Committees as appropriate.
  • Working as part of the CLT in the preparation, implementation, and monitoring of the FGCH Corporate Plan.
  • Ensuring the accurate and timely preparation and review of rent and service charge accounting including leasehold accounting.
  • Ensuring the Board is provided with high quality reports and contemporary, relevant information in a timely way to support effective governance.
  • Ensuring staff are paid accurately and on time.
  • Preparing, developing, and analysing cost data and related accounting information relating to the overall service and property costs of FGCH.
  • Developing, maintaining, and reviewing systems to improve control and efficiency.
  • Implementing and promoting value for money (VFM) throughout the organisation, overseeing VFM assessment and reporting where necessary.
  • Ensuring that FGCH has a robust and up to date disaster recovery policy, procedure, and action plan.
  • As part of CLT, oversee FGCH’s risk plan, ensuring that any movement in risk is communicated to colleagues and the Board as appropriate.
  • Keeping abreast of all changes in internal and external financial regulations and provide advice on the application to FGCH.
  • Rigorously monitor, appraise, and develop staff to ensure personal development to achieve their full potential and effective succession planning.
  • To model prescribed leadership behaviours and strive for excellence in the following areas:
    • committing to value for money principles in all activities
    • promoting equality of opportunity for all and embracing diversity
    • serving and engaging residents in helping us to deliver excellent services
  • Acting as lead officer for relevant committees.
  • Carrying out additional responsibilities reasonably associated with the post title and post holder’s capabilities, as and when required by the Association.

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